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Canada’s Largest & Most Trusted Gift Show Producers Welcome Major Multi Year Sponsor

December 5, 2023 Mississauga, ON – CanGift is pleased to announce a new multi year multi market presenting sponsorship with PAID Inc. This collaboration’s purpose is to engage the gift industry community and wider retail buyer landscape through meaningful industry networking events, technology education forums and exclusive membership benefits to scale business success.

“We are thrilled to partner with PAID Inc. Exploring emerging technologies allows us to develop new ideas, frameworks and value exchanges that can help foster operational efficiencies and open new economic opportunities for our members,” said Dwayne McKillop, President & CEO, CanGift. “This marks the exciting sponsorship program launch here at CanGift. A focus that we promised to bring to members dedicated to delivering solutions that drive innovation for our member businesses. Finding new and authentic ways to share knowledge and insights from best-in-class partners like PAID Inc, will promote more inclusive digital solutions for business growth and retailers in Canada.”

The partnership will kick-off at the 2024 Spring Gift Markets in Toronto (Jan 28-Feb 1) & Edmonton (Feb 25-27) . Austin Lewis, CEO of Paid Inc, stated, “We’re very excited to be working with CanGift and having a national presence as Presenting Sponsor at both Spring Gift + Home Markets. By combining the solid track record of bridging industry manufactures, importers, resellers and retail businesses with PAID’s unique approach and state of the art platform, we’re not just deploying PAID’s innovative business solutions; we’re crafting a future where technology and community intertwine, creating unparalleled customer experiences and fostering sustainable business growth.”

Paid’s management solution is a centralized system that combines a powerful suite of services to a unified platform including digital payments, ecommerce shopping carts, shipping and more. PAID’s platform streamlines and simplifies operations by eliminating the need for multiple system integrations, providing a holistic approach to sales management with seamless omnichannel capabilities.

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