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Buyer FAQ

How do I register my company for the Toronto Gift + Home Market?

Registration and attendance is FREE at the Toronto Gift + Home Market. Please visit our REGISTRATION page for more information.

How do I attend the Toronto Gift + Home Market?
Once your company has been registered on our database, you will be sent an email asking you to confirm your attendance to our show.
If you did not receive an email, please email
What do I need to bring with me to enter the Toronto Gift + Home Market?

If you register to attend the show on or before Friday December 8, 2023, and received your buyers badges in the mail, that’s all you need to gain entry.

If you registered to attend the show after Friday December 8, 2023, you will have received an email with a QR code, to pick up your badge. Bring this email, either printed or on your device, to a registration desk.

I have not attended one of your shows before. Can I register onsite at the show?

Yes, you can register onsite at the show.

Please have your completed registration form (click HERE to download a copy) and supporting documentation with you, or on a mobile device, and visit one of our registration desks.

We will then create an account for you.

Where are your registration areas at the show?

Our registration areas can be found in the South building of the Toronto Congress Centre:

  • West Registration (Main – 1)
  • South (Mirvish Walkway Entrance – 2)

Please visit our DIRECTIONS page for more information.

What documentation do I need to provide to register my company?

As the owner of the company, you will need to provide the following:

A completed Registration form.
Company and Buyer identification.
If your Company is already registered with the Canadian Gift Association, then just one form of Buyer identification that shows your affiliation to the registered Company is required.

For more information please visit our REGISTRATION page.

What if we don’t have business cards for all our employees?

Other acceptable forms of identification include:

  • Employee ID card, or company insurance card identifying applicant with personal information blocked out *
  • Company credit card identifying applicant and company, with personal information blocked out *
  • Copy of T-4 or W-2 form (must be imprinted, no handwritten forms are accepted) with personal information blocked out *
  • Company cancelled payroll cheque copied on both sides, or a copy of a payroll printout
    *i.e., Bank account numbers, SIN, personal address, personal phone or fax number.
Why is it necessary to provide a business licence/registration, invoice and employee ID?

Since this a trade-only event, all attendees must qualify to attend by providing business and personal ID.

Why do we ask retailers to provide their Business License or Registration?

It’s simple. At the Canadian Gift Association, protecting your business is our business! Exhibitors and visitors to our events make a substantial investment in the CanGift Markets. By asking you to provide documentation identifying you as a retailer, and not a member of the public, we are maintaining the integrity of your business while ensuring exhibitors meet their most important customer — you.

Two forms of acceptable identification must be submitted for each new Buyer – one form of Company, and one form of Buyer identification.

If your Company is already registered with the Canadian Gift Association, then just one form of Buyer identification that shows your affiliation to the registered Company is required.

For acceptable forms of company and individual buyer identification, please click here.

What if I am a small business owner who does not have any form of employee identification for the people I am registering?

Every business should keep records of their employees, whether full or part-time. You should be able to issue some official document confirming an individual’s employment. If you cannot provide any documentation, this person cannot be registered to attend the show.

Are children allowed in the market?

No one under the age of 16 is permitted on the show floor. Special accommodations are made for babies under one year of age with a Release Indemnification Form available at Registration. Infants must be carried in a baby carrier or sling. Strollers for infants are not permitted on the show floor. Pets are not allowed. However, this does not apply to guide dogs or service animals. A guest with a disability accompanied by a guide dog or service animal will be allowed access.


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